Changes regarding Azumi's Cog systems.

The structure of Azumi's commands was changed a while ago.

While you probably didn't notice a difference, the code of Azumi's commands was organized with the use of a system called commands.Cog.

Today, the structure has changed further, and all the commands are sorted into different cogs depending on their purpose. This is to make the development of the bot easier, and for all the Azumi bots to have the same up-to-date commands. Soon, we will do the same for bot events. Bot events are triggered without any need for commands.


The bot saying it is online uses the on_ready event.

However, when we do this for events, the speed of the events triggering may be slowed down a tiny bit when the bot first starts up. However, this should cause minimal disturbances.

Also, another change in the structure of Azumi XP happened a while ago.

Azumi XP has been sub-classed from discord.Bot, which means that we can customize it more.

Today, this change has happened to Azumi!

However, Azumi is sub-classed from discord.ext.bridge.Bot instead.

This means that we can customize the bot more!

Thanks everyone for supporting Azumi!

🍻Cheers, everyone!